Ejector Pins and Sleeves

Ejector Pins and Sleeves

Picogen Industries offers a complete line of standard or through-hardened steel high precision tolerance ejector pins as in Core Pins, Angle Pins, Armor Pins and more with an in-plant tooling and engineering expertise and experience .Matching a wide range of standard American inch and metric sized ejector pins we are able to engineer customer-specific designs or are equipped for immediate shipment.

Our Sleeve Ejectors have forged heads for maximum strength and are supplied heat treated, ground. Nitrated and polished to reduce friction and wear

Available in a variety of sizes/ Tolerances

  • Hardened
  • Nitrated
  • Special applications
  • All the sizes you need


Picogen Industriesは標準または耐硬スチールで高精度公差エジェクタピンの商品一覧を提供します。また工場内の工具やエンジニアリングの専門知識と経験を備え、コアピン、アングルピン、アーマーピンを提供致します。


  • 硬化素材
  • 窒化素材
  • 特殊用途
  • 必要とするすべてのサイズ
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