With highly precision and advanced inspection instruments, strongly conscientious inspection team and our ISO 9001 / 2015 Certification, our strict and standardlized inspetion process makes our customers feel highly satisfactory.

私たちは最先端の精密測定器具を所有しています。また責任感のある品質管理チームを構えISO 9001/ 2015の認証を得ています。このプロセスでお客様の期待及び要望をお答えします

ISO Certificate Reg. No. 96Q18544

Nikon Digimicro Stand

Olympus Micro Scope

Keyence Image Dimension Measuring System

Mitutoyo Digimicro Stand

Mitutoyo Profile Projector

Digimatic Micrometer 1 Inch

Hardness Tester

Digimatic Micrometer 2 Inch

Contricity Checker

Mitutoyo Dail & Digital Caliper

Profile Projector

Mitutoyo Block Gauge

Thome CMM

Contour Tester

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