Experienced manufacturers, engineers, mechanists and quality Control specialists ready to serve customers worldwide

With the efficient integrating ability of our elite team to assist customers with the complete schedule from demand to delivery, we have obtained recognitions from industry customers, and established a good reputation.

Simply put, we have the best in the business. Our team members understand that working together towards our goals is the only way we will succeed. We pride ourselves on the unparalleled quality of our team. At Picogen Industry, we invest in our people because without them, we won’t grow.


エリートチームの効率的な統合能力により、顧客の需要から配送までの全スケジュールを支援し、業界のお客様から高い評価を得ています。またPicogen Industryでは人材がなければ成長しないため、私たちは優秀な人材に投資しています。

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