Medical Punches and Needle

Medical Punches and Needle

Performance and precision are paramount in the production of components found in medical surgical devices that come into contact with the skin and other patient tissues.

Picogen Industry has been partnering with leaders in the medical and surgical device industry to bring innovation and world-class quality to design, tooling and prototyping, development and assembly of complex components, single-use disposables, surgical and drug delivery devices and instruments, orthopaedic and spinal instruments, as well as implants.

Our part and assemblies include

  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Consumables
  • Surgical staplers
  • Laryngoscope


私たちは医療機器および外科用機器業界のリーダーと提携し、複雑なコンポーネント、使い捨てディスポーザブル製品、外科およびドラッグデリバリー    デバイスおよび機器、整形外科用機器、医療機器および医療機器の設計、工具および試作、開発し、世界最高水準の品質を提供致します。


  • 診断装置
  • 消耗品
  • 外科用ステープラー
  • 喉頭鏡
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