Quality Guaranteed

We know that running production machines 24hour demands 100% reliable and interchangeable tooling, so we guarantee every part we supply to our customers. At Picogen Industry quality control is one of our core values and we’ve made significant investments in both our staff and equipment to ensure we meet the standards the industry and our customers demand. Our facilities are ISO 9001 certified where we have developed a world-class Quality Control System resulting in outstanding precision machined parts, assemblies and tooling.


生産現場での稼働時間は24時間で100%の信頼性と互換性のあるツーリングが必要です。Picogen Industryでは、品質管理が当社の中核価値の1つであり、お客様の要求する基準を確実に満たすためにスタッフと設備の両方に多額の投資を行ってきました。 当社の設備はISO 9001の認証を取得しており、世界最高レベルの品質管理システムを開発し、精密加工部品、組立品および工具を製造しています。

Costs Reduced

We offer competitive prices and high quality parts. We are able to reduce costs because of our dedication to efficiency (lean initiatives) in how we route and produce the product.

Here at Picogen Industries we are continually striving to improve our processes and systems to maintain our competitive edge therefore with a fully automated integrated system, we are able to supply an extensive range of products based on our core product range and extensive design portfolio to our customers at competitive price.


我々は、競争力のある価格と高品質の部品を提供しています。 私たちは、製品の配送方法や生産方法の効率化(リーン製造方式)のためにコストを削減することができます。

Shorter Delivery Times

We have a highly-effective consignment system where ready stock is kept in store for timely delivery of pins and punches to our customers. We are also capable of producing and delivering pins & punches within 2 hour in times of critical need


私たちは、お客様にピンとパンチをタイムリーにお届けするために在庫を保管するため効果的な委託システムを持っています。 また、クリティカルなニーズ時には2時間以内にピンとパンチを生産し、提供することができます。

Execute Superbly

As important as strategy is, we got to execute to win. This is to design and maintain the best systems and operations, eliminate waste and bureaucracy, maintain a strong system of internal governance and controls and measure performance through a complete and balanced scorecard. Execution involves every employee and every contact we have with our partners and our customers.



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